November 15, 2009 | Burlington, IA - Hotel recording studio

I brought a little portable recording studio on the road with me for the trip.  My friend Jami Weiderholt tipped me off to a songwriting challenge on NPR to write a song in a weekend so I wrote the song this weekend and recorded it at the Fairfield Inn in Ottumwa this morning before we left for Burlington.  They were trying to get us to get of the room because check out was at noon so we just took the second take.  We just did bass and vocal. Steve played bass and I sang it live. The challenge was to write and record a song by 8pm on the 15th.  The song had to include at least one word from a random list of words.  The word I chose was "firecracker".

My road ready recording studio.  It takes about two minutes to set up. Notice the fold up piano!